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  • Other Games
    ArcanePlays: 193136
    Strange Adventure game in the same vein as the King's Quest series. In the free flash game Arcane you explore Stonehenge and other locations on a mystery hunt in the early 20th century. If you like Adventure games give it a shot. The graphics are professional but the interface is a little sparse (confusing?).Arcane
    Poke The BunnyPlays: 119751
    Not really a game but it is entertaining the first time. Press the button to poke the bunny or something. Hint: Don't poke it really fast (wink).Poke The Bunny
    Drivers EdPlays: 61725
    Drivers Ed is a free flash simulation game of taking a Drivers Education test. The graphics are from the top and are passable but the controls leave much to be desired. The different tests contained within the simulation include backing out of a parking space, stopping at an intersection, making a left and right turn, parallel parking, marging with traffic, and parking in a parking space.Drivers Ed
    J-SimPlays: 59227
    J-Sim is a free flash based juggling emulator. It's currently out of order as in the site doesn't work anymore.No screen shot.
    Inuyasha DemonPlays: 45273
    A anime card battle flash game. You choose a fighter and then you must fight through various different opponents. Each turn you pick 3 cards or moves to execute that turn in set order. You are placed on a 4x3 game where you move around and execute your moves. The graphics look nice and it works out pretty well for a web based game. If you like card fighting games you should check this one out as it has a lot of polish.Inuyasha Demon
    Insomniac Bar HopperPlays: 43566
    A game based on the Insomniac show (with music). It plays a lot like Frogger but you have quests to deliver beer (I think) to different people throughout the level. All the while you are crossing the streets and trying to stay away from bums running around in your path. The graphics have a gritty quality but fit the game pretty well.Insomniac Bar Hopper
    StickRPGPlays: 42518
    StickRPG is a free flash game RPG where you run around as a stick figure. It is pretty indepth for a stick figure game (be careful that you don't fall off the world though). The graphics are pretty basic but the world in the game is pretty so it works out. If you like RPGs this might appeal to you so give it a shot. Has some crude humor in it and of coarse it IS a stick figure game so expect bloody stick figures. StickRPG
    Yeti SportsPlays: 41995
    Yeti Sports is a group of over 7 different free flash games based in the Arctic (click on Online Games to get to them). The games have professional graphics are range from variations on darts, shot put, baseball, and other such games. Give it a shot if you like sports games and great (flash) graphics. The sounds are fun too.No screen shot.
    InsaniquariumPlays: 38901
    Insaniquarium is an aquarium management game (that sounds boring but it isn't). You start with one fish and you feed it. Once it gets big enough it starts dropping coins which you have to catch. You use the coins to buy more fish and once you have enough cash you advance to the next level. There are quite a few levels and each level you have more and more fish to feed and collect money from. There are other quirks that you get each level like a momma fish, a sea horse, and a fish that helps defend you from aliens (???). Over all it will keep you playing for awhile.Insaniquarium
    Reflex TestPlays: 37062
    Reflex Test is a free java game to test your reflexes with the mouse. You are in a shooting gallery and targets move over the screen in various patterns. You must shoot the target and based on how well you do you get scored on accuracy and reflex time in milliseconds. The graphics and sound are basic but workable. It can be fun to find out how fast you are with the mouse but once you do it gets tedious real quick. The levels get harder and harder as you go along.No screen shot.
    Lightning PoolPlays: 33304
    Lightning Pool is a pretty free fun game of pool. There are different styles of games to choose from and you have a time limit to get all the balls in the holes. It feels a lot more like playing pinball than pool because of the crashing lightning sound and lights that happen when you shoot a ball in. If you like pool or pinball give this one a shot as it is pretty fun for a flash game.Lightning Pool
    Emo GamePlays: 29154
    Emo Game is a pretty strange free flash game. The screen size is large and the gameplay consists of a side scroller shooter for the most part with small mini games like punchout thrown it. However, it is sprinked full of internet (and political) humor. You play as various characters and you battle through hell where you meet GI Joes and Saddam Hussain (didn't I saw it was weird?). Anyway, the graphics look pretty good but the animations are basic. Give it a shot if you want some weird internet humor.No screen shot.
    Crimson WarfarePlays: 28868
    Crimson Warfare is a pretty indepth RTS style game. The intro reminds me of an anime story and the game itself can be tricky. Once you get into the game you have to build buildings to produce soldiers who run across a field and battle the computer soldiers. The graphics and sound are professional and the game grows on you. It feels like a board game and an RTS game rolled up into one. Give it a shot.Crimson Warfare
    BlobMatePlays: 28724
    BlobMate is a free flash game that has pretty good graphics. It is sort of a cross between a puzzle game, an action game, and Pac-Man. You have to move around and collect items like icecream while staying away from the purple blobs. But the blobs are tricky and not only do they follow you around but they can project force and squish you with blocks that make up the level of the game. This game is fun but pretty tough as well. If you like a challenge go for it.No screen shot.
    Paper AirplaneSimPlays: 28694
    The Paper AirplaneSim flash game is a simulated paper airplane. You choose the angle and amount of thrust for the paper airplane. You also choose the angle of the wings. You are scored on the height, the distance, and the number of loops that your paper airplane accomplishs. The graphics are basic but the idea is pretty fun in practice as you have to keep tweaking the settings to see what you can get the paper airplane to do. Give it a shot if you like engineering.Paper AirplaneSim
    Knife ThrowingPlays: 28519
    Knife Throwing is an interesting free flash game. The graphics are nice as they are completely rendered. You have three options, practice, play against the computer, or play multiplayer. You get to throw three knives at a wooden target and whoever is the closest to the center wins. The trick is you use the mouse to aim and give momentum to the knife (with a flinging hand motion on the mouse). Overall it was pretty fun an a game I hadn't seem before done in flash. Definately try this one.No screen shot.
    Scrambled EggsPlays: 28064
    In the free flash game Scrambled Eggs you have an egg basket and you must catch eggs that are shooting out of a hen house with it. If you miss the eggs they go splat all over the place. If you miss three eggs you lose. The graphics are cartoony and cool. Fun little game.No screen shot.
    Paintball Stress ReliefPlays: 25964
    Paintball Stress Relief is a free flash game of paintball that takes place in an office. You have a paintball gun and you must shoot little happy faces that appear out from behind office furniture. If you hit enough of them you move on to a new level and a new room in the office. You can also just go crazy and shoot paintballs all over the office. The graphicss have a typical flash cartoony look.No screen shot.
    BubblesPlays: 25557
    Bubbles isn't really a flash game. It is a bunch of bubbles that rise to the top of the window and then pop. You can also click on the bubbles to pop them. If you like bubble wrap give this a shot it will drive you nuts!No screen shot.
    CyberMicePlays: 25237
    CyberMice is a puzzle game where you must place objects on the playing board in order to herd your group of mice to the cheese. You only have to many objects to work with and they all have a specific size. Pretty intriguing little puzzle. The graphics and sound are basic but workable. Give it a shot.No screen shot.
    Feed The 9 Mouthed BabyPlays: 25048
    Feed The 9 Mouthed Baby is a very strange free flash game. There is a baby with 9 mouths all over it's body and it asks you to feed it items like blocks and cake. You have to drag and drop the desired item on the correct mouth in a certain amount of time. If you do well enough you advance or at least you get to see the baby grow up. I'm not sure I want to see it grow up. The graphics are a mishmash of hand drawn and real pictures pasted togather. If you want weird give this one a go. If you dare.No screen shot.
    Madness InteractivePlays: 24600
    Madness Interactive is a strange free flash game. It is is a stick figure death rampage side scroller shooter beat'em up. You run along a side view and beat on stick figure bad guys. One of the tricky things about it though is that you actually have to swing your fists at the enemy which is accomplished by swirling the mouse around and around. The enemies have weapons like bats and guns which you can also pick up after you wack them. The only problem with that is that they usually blow you away before you have a chance to get close with your fists. The guns are somewhat limited as they also run out of ammo at the worst times. Overall the graphics are pretty bad and the gameplay isn't better than old side scroller arcade games. But if you like stick figure death games give this one a shot.No screen shot.
    NebulusPlays: 24430
    Nebulus is a run and jump puzzle game except from a unique perspective. Instead of viewing a side scroller you view a tower from the side. You move your character around the tower and work your way up to the top past traps to finish the level. Pretty unique free flash game with nice graphics and notable sound.No screen shot.
    EquilibriumPlays: 24372
    The graphics in this flash game have an anime style to them and look pretty nice. The game however is TOUGH. Make sure you read the directions because otherwise you will be totally lost. Even when you do read the directions it is still pretty hard. You are on a unicycle on a tightrope. You have to balance on the rope and make jumps to catch powerups for points. Some of the powerups will knock you off too so watch out. The view is from the side.Equilibrium
    Create A SnowflakePlays: 24127
    Not really a game but a fun flash file anyway. You cut a snow flake out of a piece of paper. You can email or download an image of the snowflake that you make.No screen shot.
    Bird RacerPlays: 23765
    Bird Racer is an interesting free flash game. It is modeled after the electric track racers you might have played with as a kid. You must build your race track and then you get to race on the track against a computer AI player. The graphics are top down and it can be fun designing and then racing on your track. If you are creative or you like racing games this one should give you some minutes of fun.No screen shot.
    Punk-o-MaticPlays: 23557
    Not really a game, the Punk-o-Matic is a music generation system where you can setup your own punk music song or click Random to have one randomly generated for you. Interesting concept (especially with the Random button).No screen shot.
    Old School GamePlays: 22807
    Old School Game is a rather strange free flash game. You play as a streaker running from the cops and trying to collect beer. If the cops catch you they beat you down. If you collect enough beer you then have to find the exit and move on to the next level. The name of the streaker (you) is Frank The Tank. I'm not sure why that matters. The graphics have a unique flare to them and the gameplay consists of running your character all over little maps like a college party or downtown in a city. Give this one a shot if you want to play something unique. The view is an isometric third person view.No screen shot.
    Inter FacePlays: 22342
    In Inter Face there really isn't a game to it. It is more of an abstract art exhibit. You move your mouse over various portions of the face and the face morphs depending on how long you keep the mouse there. Strange. Give it a shot if you like weird.No screen shot.
    Butch MushroomPlays: 22310
    Butch Mushroom is a strange little free flash game. You play as a mushroom with big bulgy eyes and teeth. Butch would be a frog if he wasn't a mushroom. Anyway you move around and eat bugs and other insects by snapping them up with your teeth. The graphics are a cross between hand drawn and photorealistic. Worth the experience but still somewhat strange.No screen shot.
    Just Not CricketPlays: 22251
    In Just Not Cricket it tricks you into thinking you are going to play a free flash game of Cricket. There are players on the field and you run around with a Cricket bat but it definately IS NOT a game of Cricket. If you want to find out what the actual game is (and it isn't Cricket) you'll have to try it out for yourself. I must say I was rather surprised myself. The graphics are alright if a bit pixelated.No screen shot.
    Fly GuyPlays: 21963
    Fly Guy is a strange little free flash game. The graphics are retro Mac graphics which is to say black and white line art but it is tastefully done. The only "game" per say is to explore the strange dreamland that you find yourself in. There are various things floating around in the dreamland which you can interact with. If you go far enough in the dreamland you get a surprise...No screen shot.
    Guess The DictatorPlays: 21859
    Guess the Dictator isn't a flash game but more of a poll. You answer various questions until it guesses which dictator you might be. The graphics are generic black and white. Amusing to send to your friends though and see which dictator they are.No screen shot.

    Other Other Flash Games
    Plays: 70968
    Orient Expedition
    Plays: 34327
    Fruit Loot
    Plays: 32463
    Billy Hatcher
    Plays: 30467
    Event Horizon
    Plays: 29664
    The Apprentice
    Plays: 29291
    Something Fishy
    Plays: 29271
    Wire Skeleton
    Plays: 28809
    Sober Santa
    Plays: 28665
    Sheep Herder
    Plays: 28474
    Plays: 28263
    Christmas Games
    Plays: 26742
    Badger Racing
    Plays: 25326
    Plays: 25212
    Flash Flash Revolution
    Plays: 25168
    Ant City
    Plays: 24793
    Alien Abduction
    Plays: 24041
    Plays: 23968
    MS Paperclip
    Plays: 23707
    Cookay Slots
    Plays: 23531
    Name That Beard
    Plays: 23275
    Plays: 23274
    Sick And Famous
    Plays: 23193
    Reflex Tester
    Plays: 23111
    Catch The Ball
    Plays: 23055
    Save The Goldfish
    Plays: 23038
    World Domination
    Plays: 22987
    Soda Constructor
    Plays: 22902
    Rubber Shipping
    Plays: 22741
    UFO Rally
    Plays: 22522
    Plays: 22520
    Radial Pong
    Plays: 22467
    Plays: 22378
    Arctic Blue
    Plays: 22280
    Plays: 22276
    Lemonade Stand
    Plays: 22173
    Amazing Mind Reader
    Plays: 22110
    Ren & Stimpy
    Plays: 22035
    Dare Dozen
    Plays: 22005
    Shadow Illusion
    Plays: 21928
    Seconds To Madness
    Plays: 21880
    Fan & Ball
    Plays: 21534
    Plays: 21435
    Hold The Button
    Plays: 21403
    Mystery Time & Space
    Plays: 21402

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