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  • Sports Games
    Downfield StrikePlays: 62296
    A play on the arcade style "throw the ball in the hole" game. You throw footballs in the holes to score points or move the ball down the field. There is a time limit as well. Remember to read the instrunctions to know how to throw the ball otherwise you'll throw duds every time.Downfield Strike
    MotoCrossPlays: 61472
    MotoCross is a free flash game where you drive a stunt motocycle in a stadium. It takes awhile to download even on broadband. The actual background is professional looking but the character graphics are retro 80s. The gameplay is a little strange (or just a little hard). You can go forward, lean forward, and lean backwards. I spent most of my time flipping the motocycle over and landing on my face. Give it a shot if you want a challenge.MotoCross
    Gorillaz Final DrivePlays: 55277
    Gorillaz Final Drive is a free for all racing derby crash free flash game. Gravity is very liberal and you can roll and flip and bounce your dune buggy all over the place. The track has loops and jumps somewhat like a roller coaster or Pod Racer. The graphics are in 3D and the game feels a little unfinished but it is fun to jump and bounce the buggy all over the place. Oh and I think there is a Smurf in the back seat!Gorillaz Final Drive
    Redline RumblePlays: 54652
    Redline Rumble is a pretty good little free flash racer game. The graphics are in 3D but a bit dated. You pick a car at the beginning of the race and get a random track. You race through traffic on a straight road to beat the computer player. Reminds me somewhat of Outrun. The sound is pretty good as well so if you like racing games check it out.Redline Rumble
    DodgeBallPlays: 54549
    DodgeBall is a free flash game of dodge ball against a computer player. There are two dodge balls and you have to throw them at the computer player who can then throw them back at you. You both get points when you hit the other player. The graphics and sounds are professional but cartoony. Fun little game.DodgeBall
    ArcheryPlays: 44672
    This archery flash game is pretty tough. You pull back the arrow and fire when the target moves in front of you. You need 30 points to move on to the next round and you get points depending on where you hit the target. The graphics have a good theme but again this game is tough.Archery
    BMX TricksPlays: 39585
    BMX Tricks is a pretty good little free flash game. The view is from the side and you ride a bike a coarse while doing tricks like grinds and jumps. The graphics are professional and remind me somewhat of arcade games like Golden Axe or Double Dragon. If you like bike games or skateboarding games give this one a shot.BMX Tricks
    4X4 RacingPlays: 38307
    A side view offroad 4x4 racing game. You collect gas, drive through mud pits, jump logs, splash through water, and a host of other obsticles. The graphics are pretty grainy but overall it was a fun ride.4X4 Racing
    Magical KicksPlays: 36070
    Magical Kicks is an interesting little free flash game. When you first get to the site you have to click to login as a guest to play the game. It is a soccer shooting game where you pick the height, curve, power, direction, and lift to kick the ball in to make a goal. There are a number of other factors in play as well like a goalie, blockers, and a team mate that can help you get the ball in the goal. The graphics are professional and if you like soccer you should check it out.No screen shot.
    9 Ball PoolPlays: 35619
    A nice top down pool game. You play against a computer player. The graphics look pretty good and it gives you a line guide to show where the ball will go and possible bounces it might have when you hit it. If you like pool you'll probably enjoy this little game for a few rounds.9 Ball Pool
    MiniPutt 2Plays: 33687
    MiniPutt 2 is the second version of MiniPutt. The graphics are the same which is to say pretty basic but it does have new coarses and if you liked MiniPutt and miniture golf give this one a try. The holes are pretty easy to play so the only drawback is the somewhat basic graphics. MiniPutt 2 also has music which the original didn't have.MiniPutt 2
    3D Car DriverPlays: 33372
    A pretty tough game. The goals are somewhat ambiguous but basically you drive down the street trying not to hit the red pedestrians and trying to hit the green pedestrians (wtf?). Green pedestrians have money. You also try to hit green lights and avoid red lights which speed you up and slow you down respectively. It can get going pretty fast which makes it pretty random on what color you're hitting. Fast hand eye coordination is a must with this one.3D Car Driver
    GoalKeeperPlays: 30870
    GoalKeeper is a free flash game where you play as a hockey goal keeper as a hockey player takes practise shots at you. You have to block the puck from going into the goal. Over and over. The graphics are professional but the game is pretty basic.No screen shot.
    Power DriverPlays: 30502
    Power Driver is a free flash game where you are on the driving range and must hit the ball as far as possible. You can login to save your score. The graphics are alright but a little lacking. If you like driving golf balls or want a challenge getting the high score give this one a shot.No screen shot.
    9 Hole ChallengePlays: 30252
    A pretty good little golf game. The graphics like nice for a web game but they require an extra Shockwave plugin which auto installs. The game is in 3D and it works out pretty well. Give it a try if you like gold games.9 Hole Challenge
    G-Max SkateboardingPlays: 29957
    G-Max Skateboarding is a free flash game where you skate around in a halfpipe and do tricks for points. There is a free skate version or a compete version. The graphics are basic and the viewable area is really small. The controls are pretty basic as well but you can do tricks and smash your face into the floor when you fall off. If you like skateboarding this is a fun little game but the controls could be better. Give it a shot.No screen shot.
    Something Fishy 3Plays: 29553
    Make sure you read the instructions before you play Something Fishy 3 otherwise you might be confused in this free flash game. Basically you need to get as many fish in a complete circle of bubbles as possible to get the most points. It's kind of like circle the fish but they all move and you only have one circle at a time. Harder than you might think. If there is a can or a fishhook in your circle of bubbles you get negative points. The graphics are professional and the puzzle is different each time you play as the pieces move around. Give it a shot.No screen shot.
    Swerve RiderPlays: 29205
    Swerve Rider is a free flash game where you ride a bike and you must avoid hitting obstacles in your path. The view is from above and you must mediate between going to fast and going to slow. The game can be tricky but it is possible to make it all the way through. Kind of a puzzle action game as you have to think far enough ahead to miss the obstacles.No screen shot.
    Beach TennisPlays: 28312
    Beach Tennis is, you guessed it, a free flash game of beach tennis. It asks you if you are over 16 and proclaims there might be mild nudity in the game. The only thing I encountered was women in bikinis (maybe because I didn't win?). In any event, the game consists of a woman on either side of a net on the beach. You get to gage the strength of hitting the ball and it gives you a guide of where it thinks the ball will land. Make sure you don't hit it to hard or two soft. The graphics are rendered 3D and are professional.No screen shot.
    Reflex GamesPlays: 28296
    These games are a collection of games that depend on your reflexes. They are mostly sports related like baseball, shotput, and others. You have to time your clicks just right to get the best result (and highest score). Some of the high scores like the baseball one are pretty tough to beat. There are nine different games in all and each has it's own highscore counter. The graphics are retro line based graphics and are ment to be as not to distract you. Give it a shot if you like any kind of sports game or just want to test you reflexes in this free flash game.No screen shot.
    SkeetShootPlays: 28242
    SkeetShoot is a fun flash game where you shoot skeets (duh!). Don't shoot the ducks though because then you lose. The graphics are passable and the game is pretty good for a "shoot the moving target" game. The sound could use a bit more punch but overall for a flash game pretty good.SkeetShoot
    Mini RacingPlays: 27856
    You have to navigate into the site itself to get to the mini game. The one mini game I found was one where you had to run and try to jump in the back of the mini couper. The game is pretty basic but the graphics are realistic. It can be pretty tough to get the right speed and angle to jump into the back of the car so it may take you a fun runs to hit it.No screen shot.
    Slime VolleyballPlays: 26653
    In Slime Volleyball you are a blob of slime and you play against another blob of slime on the other side of the net. In this version there is a computer player so you don't have to have another person to play. The game is a basic version of volleyball or racketball. The graphics are pretty basic with only four of five colors total. The gameplay is also pretty tough.Slime Volleyball
    MiniPuttPlays: 26033
    MiniPutt is a pretty good free flash game of miniture golf. The game mechanics work well but the graphics are a bit plain. The coarse is also a bit easy but other than that give this game a shot for some fun miniture golf.MiniPutt
    Adult Swim SoccerPlays: 25986
    Pretty simple game with cartoony graphics. You shoot the ball towards the net but the twist is you aren't trying to score. You're trying to hit as many people as possible with the ball on the way to the goal.Adult Swim Soccer
    Wiffle BaseballPlays: 25979
    In Wiffle Baseball you play with a wiffle ball and bat in your back yard. You get to bat and pitch against a computer player. This game is different from other baseball games in that the ball is a wiffle ball and therefore has a totally different weight (and speed) than a regular baseball. If you like baseball and want something different give this a shot. The graphics are professional if a bit grainy.No screen shot.
    Soccer ShootoutPlays: 25888
    Soccer Shootout is a free flash game where you play one on one against a computer player to shoot and block goal shots. You shoot once and then you block once. After five shots whoever had the most goals wins and you move on to the next round or you can change players. The graphics are professional and it its harder in each round. If you like soccer try this one out.No screen shot.
    JetSlalomPlays: 25871
    A simple game done in java where you control a space ship and you must navigate it to avoid obstacles that appear in your path. The game is simple and the graphics are single color vector based. Fun for a little bit but it quickly gets repetative.JetSlalom
    Daily CatchPlays: 25157
    Daily Catch is a pretty basic free flash game. The graphics are cartoony but professional. However, there really isn't much to the game. You fire a plunger at a fish and hope it hits. You only get one shot at it. You get on the high score list based on how accurate your shot was. It is pretty much based on luck. If you want to frustrate yourself or if you think you're the video game king give this a shot.No screen shot.
    Superbike GPPlays: 25084
    Superbike GP is a free flash motorcycle racing game. I believe it uses 3D hardware if you have it and therefore the graphics are pretty good with one drawback being low texture quality. The graphics and sound are professional looking though and some of the best I've seen in a free flash game. If you like racing games this one works out pretty well with only a couple other drawbacks like you can't crash your cycle. Give it a shot and have some fun!No screen shot.
    Kick UpsPlays: 25039
    Kick Ups is another free flash game where you have to keep the soccer ball off the ground by clicking it. It bounces up when you click it and keeps a score of how many times you bounced it. Once it hits the ground it has various insults to through at you about your incompitence of not keeping the ball off the ground. The graphics are professional but the game is pretty simple.No screen shot.
    Ping PongPlays: 24866
    Ping Pong is a free flash game of ping pong. The graphics are retro and you play against a computer player. There are three different difficulty settings but it doesn't seem like you can control the pitch of the paddle. The ball curves on the computer side of the table so the computer doesn't miss it. The depth of the ball is also a little strange and it can cause you to miss it. If you like ping pong give it a shot but there are better free flash ping pong games out there.No screen shot.
    Athlete Balls N WallsPlays: 24844
    Athlete Balls N Walls is a free flash game combo between volleyball and Tank Wars. You each have a ball that you must gauge and angle for and shoot over the wall. You must catch the ball shot by the other player or it falls to the ground and you loose a platform from below you. Each time you loose a platform your position gets worse as the other player has a height advantage. Once all the platforms are gone you lose. But remember you can also catch the other players ball. The graphics are cartoony flash graphics. Give it a shot if you want something different.No screen shot.
    Relief RacerPlays: 24471
    Relief Racer is a free flash game where you must get the pain relief drug to the spot in the body where it hurts. You've racing other drugs to get there in a little rocketship. The racetrack is the arteries and digestive system of the body. As far as I can tell you can't lose as I came in last and didn't lose. After each race you start off where you ended and have to race to a new location of the pain. The graphics are professional and it is an interesting concept even if it is a marketing engine.No screen shot.
    Table TennisPlays: 24305
    In Table Tennis you play...wait for it...table tennis (aka ping pong)! It's actually a pretty good game of it too. You pick a computer opponent to play against and then you wack the ball back and forth until one of you misses it and the ball hits the floor. The graphics are professional and the way they implimented the paddles to follow the mouse works really well.No screen shot.
    Field Goal ChallengePlays: 24132
    Kick field goals for points. You must time it just right to kick the ball through the goal. This flash game is pretty easy. Graphics are pretty good.No screen shot.
    RC RallyPlays: 24104
    RC Rally is a free flash game that reminds me of the old monster truck arcade game where you had the RC monster truck and you raced around the track against the three other computer players. There are multiple tracks in this game and you get powerups like engine or wheel upgrades while you play. There are also oil slicks and you have to avoid the other RC Cars. The graphics are actually pretty good for a flash game (very professional and polished). Give this one a shot if you like racing games.No screen shot.
    Slam Dunk BasketballPlays: 24104
    Slam Dunk Basketball is a pretty tough little free flash game. You have to time three different things just right in order to slam dunk the ball. The graphics are professional but good luck getting all three ducks just right in a row to get the ball to go in. You can also pick from a 360 or reverse slam dunk.No screen shot.
    X-Treme SnowboardPlays: 24004
    X-Treme Snowboard is a free snow board game (duh) done in flash. Your view is from the side and you have no actual control of the snowboard. It is different than other snowboarding games in that your goal is to move the mouse in a pattern to perform the snowboard tricks. If you fail to complete a pattern before you land you don't get points and can crash. Try and get as many patterns completed each jump to get as much points as possible. The graphics are professional but the game feels more like a puzzle game than an action game. The trick is timing how long a trick will take and making sure you don't hit the ground before then. Give it a shot.No screen shot.
    Soccer PongPlays: 23984
    Soccer Pong is a free flash game where you kick the soccer ball through the center of a circle to yourself in order to line it up for the goal. The longer to take to line the shot up for the goal the less points you get for that goal. It reminds me of Wheel of Fortune plus pong plus soccer. It can be tough directing the ball just right and just just straight back and forth. The graphics look alright if a bit simple. Give it a shot if you like any of the three games mentioned for something unique.No screen shot.
    Shooting Stars GolfPlays: 23962
    Shooting Stars Golf is a game of miniture golf. You can choose between 3D or non-3D graphics. The graphics are alright but they could have been better. The holes are pretty tough as well and be careful not to shoot the ball too hard over the ramps because it can fly right off the playing area! Give it a shot if you like a challenge and miniture golf.No screen shot.
    Kick OffPlays: 23803
    A fun little flash soccer game. You kick and defend the goal to win the game. Getting a goal is pretty tough but blocking the computer player from getting a goal is pretty easy so it balances out. The graphics are alright and if you like soccer you should probably give this one a try. You play tournaments against multiple teams for the world cup.No screen shot.
    SnowboardingPlays: 23770
    Snowboarding is a simple free flash game where you snowboard down a hill. You must go between the gates (two trees) otherwise you get a time penality. The graphics are actually pretty good but the best part of the game is making your character wipe out all over the place and eat snow. The only hard part of the game is adjusting to the left right arrow controls as they seem opposite of what they should be. Give it a shot if only to see your character eat snow.No screen shot.
    Canyon GliderPlays: 23511
    Canyon Glider is a free flash game that you view from the side like an old arcade shooter. You play as a hang glider and you must take off and fly out over the desert through hoops to get points. Make sure you read the instructions though as in order to take off you must press the left and right arrows over and over to build up speed and take off. The graphics are professional and polished. The only problem for me it seems was that I was unable to get any are and therefore crashed repeatedly after takeoff. Your mileage may vary but I couldn't for the life of me make the thing fly.No screen shot.
    Black Jack FeverPlays: 23510
    Black Jack Fever is a pretty good free flash game of blackjack. The graphics are professional and it has some low quality sound too. You start out with $500 and can bet it all or smaller incriments. If you like blackjack give this one a shot.No screen shot.
    BoomBoom VolleyballPlays: 23442
    In BoomBoom Volleyball you are playing beach volleyball with a bomb. You hit it back and forth until one of your drops it enough times that it goes off. The graphics are cartoony but polished. You will have to navigate into the site in order to play this game. Click games and then scroll the flash menu to Boom Boom Volleyball. Give it a shot.No screen shot.
    Dunk N SlamPlays: 23409
    Dunk N Slam is a free flash slam dunk game. You run and jump to dunk the basketball. It is pretty tough so make sure you click info to read the instructions on how to play or you will wonder why your player is such a gimp. The graphics and sound are professional if a little grainy. It also wanted to download and updated Shockwave addon so you might want to do that for better graphics or if you don't have the addon at all.No screen shot.
    HerculympicsPlays: 23409
    Set of Herculymic games set in ancient Greece. The first game is a swimming game where you have to swim away from the giant squid before you get eaten. The graphics are pretty good so give this flash game a go.No screen shot.
    Surf's UpPlays: 23242
    Surf's Up is a free flash game where you surf on a wave and do tricks for points. You play with the arrow keys and after you drop into the wave you have to come back up, jump, and then land back in the wave to get points. If you wipe out you lose points. Whoever gets the highest score points. The graphics are professional looking if a bit basic. Give it a shot if you want a quick surfing game.No screen shot.
    Arctic 3D RacerPlays: 23175
    Arctic 3D Racer is a snowmobile racing flash game. You are on a snowmobile and you race computer players down a snowy coarse. Along the coarse are powerups and jumps which give you more speed and let you pass the computer players. The graphics are professional and the game is pretty fun so if you like racing games give it a shot (oh and you can flip the snowmobile if you try hard enough!).No screen shot.
    Sonar ChallengePlays: 22819
    Sonar Challenge is a simple free flash game where you try to keep the soccer ball in the air as long as possible. You use your mouse to bounce the ball up but it can also bounce off the walls. Every time you bounce it up and keep it off the floor it counts towards your number of successful bounces. The goal being to see how long you can keep the ball off the floor (also similar to hacky sack or soccer training). Graphics are pretty basic but the game itself is a little tough.No screen shot.
    Nothing But NetPlays: 22538
    Nothing But Net is a basketball game using 3D and shockwave. Requires another plugin to install to be able to play. The graphics are professional if a little pixelated (to make it smaller for downloading). If you like basketball and slam dunks check this one out as it has plenty of both. It is pretty easy to play too!No screen shot.
    Super Hacky SackPlays: 22299
    In Super Hacky Sack you get to pick from multiple different characters and locations. The hacky sack is huge and you must keep it from falling on the ground. There are also powerups that appear which you can collect by hitting them with the hacky sack. The hacky sack is HUGE compared to the character in the game. It plays like Breakout or, well, like hacky sack! The graphics and sound are passable.No screen shot.
    Redline Rumble 2Plays: 21823
    Redline Rumble 2 is the sequal to the free flasg game Redline Rumble. This game also has excellent graphics for a flash game and uses 3D hardware. It has effects like environment mapping and skidding in the snow. You play as some kind of spy and you must race to the finishline before the bomb in your car explodes and kills you. There are multiple tracks which you can unlock and graphics options to customize for speed. It has professional graphics and sound. Good fun.No screen shot.

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    4k Racing
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